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Nutri-Go embarked on the exciting journey of formulating a product, with the help of food scientists, that would fundamentally and conveniently add significant nutritional value to people’s lives. The product had to deliver nutritionally, but the way in which the nutrition gets delivered, is crucial to the benefits and absorption of these nutrients, hence the dual format packaging was developed.

​This unique dual packaging allows for both; with one part of the packaging housing a nutrient dense powder and the other housing purified water. This dual functionality allows for the two products to be mixed together in the pouch which is then consumed as a nutritious, convenient and great tasting meal.

​Nutri-Go in short stands for “Nutrition on the go”, a name that we feel holds true to the purpose of the product, in a world where time has become a luxury and energy and health a necessity. The product is high in energy and high in protein and contains 22 key vitamins and minerals. These micro nutrients are the key to ensuring the bodies’ optimal function and overall well-being.​

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