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We have three very tasty flavours of Nutri-Go


A little taste of summer on the go, our strawbery is sure to please your taste buds anytime you enjoy a Nutri-Go


A tropical visit with every taste, our banana flavour is sure to peak your senses when you need a quick meal.


Our chocolate is a fan favourite and we aren’t surprised. Full of flavour, our chocolate flavour is guaranteed to fill you and put a smile on your face after every serving.

We pride ourselves in our formulation and the quality of our ingredients and the integrity of the nutritional value and benefits of our product. For a comprehensive look at the Nutritional information of every Nutri-Go please click the link to download our PDF document containing a full breakdown of what’s inside every Nutri-Go

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As we continue to grow and expand our vision by introducing our products to more people in South Africa, we would love to hear from you, regarding anything about our products.

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