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Come aboard our club, grab your protein bars, and let's transform the snacking experience together! 💪🍫 Every week, we're gifting one fortunate customer a complimentary box of Protein Bars. Place your order today to enter the #ProteinBarBox Draw!

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  • Low in Sugar

    Each 60g bar has less than one teaspoon of sugar. A typical 60g bar of chocolate has 7 times as much. The Shots and Meals are packed with vitamins and nutrients.

  • High Protein

    Each Nutri-Go bar is packed with 21g+ protein. We only use premium Whey Isolate Protein, keeping the gas and bloat away.

  • Great Taste

    We have a range of irresistible options: from the ultimate snack to pantry essentials, Powerfood Drinking Meals, and Instant Immune Boosting Shots - all delivering exceptional taste and quality.

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Our Snack-Loving Crew

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Absolutely delicious bar. I loved the layers and the fact that is is Whey Isolate Protein.

Chelcea S.

I have keep these in my office and I love them! Keeps my immunity up.

Taryn K.

The best protein bar I have ever tasted!

Ian. L

I am convinced the Recovery Shot helps me beat my hangovers as well as keeps me going in the gym. Great product!

Spencer A.

My secret ingredient to my morning smoothie. Adds the vitamins I need, but, also makes the taste great!

Neil. D