Nutri-Go was borne from a singular vision: to improve lives by making balanced nutrition super easy. With the help of food scientists, we crafted a product that adds a lot of good stuff to your life in a really convenient way.

But we didn’t stop at just putting nutrients together. We also considered how nutrients are delivered and how your body takes them in. The quality of water with which any supplements are taken or mixed, play a crucial role in how well the nutrients are delivered to the body AND how the body is able to absorb them.

That’s why we came up with our unique and first-of-it’s-kind two-in-one package. One part holds a powerful mix of nutrients and active ingredients, and the other houses purified water. When you squeeze, shake and enjoy a Nutri-Go Meal or Shot, you are getting all of the nutritional benefit, delivered optimally, 100% of the time.

Fueling your potential one sip at a time, our Functional Meals, Instant Shots and Power Drinks, are packed with key nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body needs to work at its best and keep you feeling great.

Making a difference in people’s lives through a number of different initiatives, is at the core of our values.We are proud to be a socially responsible company that, through various partnerships and the support of our consumers, retailers and social partners, help feed thousands of South Africans in need through the distribution of our Power Food Meals.Our Power Food Meals are low-GI, high in protein and packed with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and 45 nutrients, and this is our contribution to ensuring a more nutritionally secure South Africa.Our promise: Every purchase of a Nutri-Go product will help us feed more people in need.